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Octopus Integrated Booking Engine

This unique system enables booking according to the live availability stats for the hotel. It is fully integrated into the hotel’s website and draws down real-time data from the management system as it is being used by the hotel’s marketing and sales staff. It also lets you calculate a variety of results based on user searches. The customer receives an overview of the available rooms and prices, including special offers, with respect to his specifications.

After the customer selects the room and price, the booking takes place in the simplest and most comfortable manner – by filling in a short form. The order approval is immediately updated in the hotel database, sending the order directly to the booking office. The entire process takes place with no middlemen, sales or service staff.

A specially-designed order approval form is immediately sent to the customer, with the options of sharing it on the social media, adding it as an event in their personal calendar, navigation to the hotel, and information about sites and services in the surrounding area and other opportunities.

The entire process takes place online, directly on the hotel website, so there is no redirection to external sites. The visual and overall user experience is completely compatible with the hotel website, providing a smoothly flowing experience that ensures reliability and easy booking. The booking engine can either connect with the hotel’s management system or work independently with Octopus Extranet.

The engine can also connect with the content management system, and thus combine the data in the systems and load it onto the site with full details on the product, information, price and availability.

Special Offer Module

We also offer a “special offer rooms and holiday packages” version which is similar to the regular booking system. The special prices are taken from a regularly-updated data base (maintained by the hotel staff) and are presented on the hotel web site consecutive to a search for special offers or as part of the regular search results.

The special offers accompany the customer throughout the website and are an additional promotional tool for booking.

Octopus Extranet

Simplex boasts an innovative and robust platform designed to power direct booking: Octopus Extranet. Developed by our own experienced technicians, it has been refined according to customer needs worldwide and changes in the hotel industry’s e-Marketing approach.

Octopus Extranet provides customers with a variety of sales strategies, online updates and changes, reliability and security. Its user-friendly concept provides a pleasant, easy-to-use workspace for staff from different departments of the hotel.

The system includes:

  • Room availability system
  • Price-lists and special offers
  • Additional selling options
  • Display of existing data and accurate and direct data export to different types of devices (PC, mobile, etc.)

The system enables the retrieval and transfer of data from and to different systems on site and in the hotel, and offers full administrator control for easy sales and booking management. It can be installed either as the principal operating system or as an integrated secondary system within the hotel’s IT array.


This specific tool lets users leave feedback about the hotel and offers the possibility of presenting it on the site. It includes a dedicated form allowing the guest to rate his level of satisfaction with his stay in the hotel, accompanied by a system which displays the reviews with the ratings for different parameters and written comments.

The Octopus review system also produces a summary report of guest ratings, which is sent to the hotel for follow-up, insight, and improvements in staff performance.

Octopus enables the hotel to receive comments from their guests. These comments will be displayed in the hotel websites, after approval by the administrator.

The system includes three main parts:

  1. A model review form
  2. A page displaying comments on the site
  3. A review management system manage the reviews onsite

The system can interact with different interfaces, including external review systems, in order to retrieve reviews from leading industry websites worldwide.

OCTOPUS Club Members

The system enables the management of the hotel’s club member database. First and foremost, it allows customers to join the hotel club, through the hotel website. The hotel can then use this information in order to promote onsite sales. With the Octopus Club Members system you can offer prices with special discounts for club members only. Using the system, you can also send club newsletters, manage special deals and authorize different benefits for club members.


This innovative system allows hotels to catalogue a specific job offer, with all its details, and publish it onsite. In addition, candidates can send their CV’s via the site and they will be directed to the staff member in charge of recruiting.

OCTOPUS Categories

This module enables hotels to catalogue each category and relate it to the specific hotel. With this option you can manage relevant offers in different categories, such as: family offers, couple holidays, limited offers, all-inclusive vacation packages, and more.

OCTOPUS Push Reports

The system sends income summary reports via email. You can review income from the website as well as additional parameters using different data drawn from the website’s activity and the marketing department during the requested period.

The reports include:

  • Online selling data
  • Comparison of different periods
  • Searches and requests
  • Ratings and reviews according to period
  • Price changes and availability
  • Cross-data analysis using Google Analytics, search results and orders
  • And much more…

The system also provides informative insights on bookings, lead times, onsite stay periods, and other features including data slicing according to time periods and locations.

RTD- Real Time Demand

This system traces online searches and demands using a unique formula and thereby helps the hotel identify trends and demands for future dates. The system can also significantly increase your ROI and sales with accurate usage

Octopus CMS

Octopus CMS is a user-friendly content management system developed by Simplex. With it you can easily control your website content and make immediate changes. The system gathers all of the content, including texts and images.

The system’s uniqueness lies in its method of managing the content on different websites and devices, at the same time – PC, mobile, or different languages. Moreover, it offers the possibility of specializing content to make it suitable for the specific needs of the hotel industry.

Octopus offers intuitive ease of use and requires no technical skills.

Mobile Website and Booking Engine

Let Your Guests Book Where and When They Want

Octopus includes specific extension of the IBE to support mobile booking with same functionality as desktop bookings – a powerful tool in promoting spontaneous leisure bookings directly on the hotel web site.

Custom Web Design

Give Your Hotel an Effective Web Presence

Leverage our fully customizable website design with its optimized architecture to drive your online booking and make sure that your site’s potential will expand over time to adapt to emerging market needs.

Octopus offers intuitive ease of use and requires no technical skills.