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Looking for digital marketing solutions, which are cross-sectional, upbeat, absolutely measurable and specifically tailored to your hotel’s or hotel-chain’s needs?

Simplex is here for you with 100% solutions, fully-fledged dedication, and rigorous standards for achieving success.

Dedicated to Results:

Hotel Meta-Search Marketing & Distribution

Profitability is the name of the game and Direct Sales is the keyword. In the current digital landscape, things are constantly evolving – there’s no time to waste, every second brings a potential deal, and the question is how to make your offer stand out.

Simplex is dedicated to bringing you these opportunities and we believe in the power of direct reservations – the instant in which your consumers research, locate and finally place an order with you.

Our professional team uses Meta-Search methods to digitally promote your hotel, raise awareness and increase your visibility on significant venues such as:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Trivago
  • Google Hotel Ads

We strongly believe in the potential power of the digital world, as shown by our satisfied consumers and results.

Property Performance & Business Intelligence

Not just numbers, but actual insight and understating into your hotel’s eMarketing needs

Simplex is based on the concept of constant learning. There’s no better way to evolve than to have actual insight on how your business functions in the world of eMarketing and how it can increase its direct sales.

With Octopus™ BI, our dedicated tool for analyzing your web sales performance, you are always on top of the game. This is not just about results - it’s about how to constantly improve your sales results.

Octopus™ BI is your key to rapid growth, by maximizing your hotel booking potential and reaching - even exceeding - your targeted objectives.

Integrated Booking Engine

Increase your web direct reservations & sales with a fully-integrated solution

The modern world is all about experience, especially in the hotel business. Digital consumers are constantly looking for a high-end, aesthetic and deluxe experience.

Simplex’s web integrated booking engine provides you not only with smart and knowledgeable insight about your booking processes, but also with a fully integrated engine that is perfectly designed to suit your hotel’s website and deliver a 100% secure, smooth, fast and user-friendly experience.

  • Supports a variety of payment solutions
  • Supports up-sales
  • Instant confirmation
  • Multi-prices
  • Multi-rooms reservation
  • Real Inventory availability check
  • Special offers
  • Corporate booking
  • Advanced discounts system
  • Agent login

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When your CRO is good, we strive to make it excellent!

In the digital world, CRO is a keyword for improving ROI. In other words: forget about the “glass ceiling” because now is the time to break through and get increasingly better results.

Simplex’s professional team uses a variety of tools to achieve your desired goals, and much more: A\B testing, heat maps, usability tools, actual user testing, booking process analysis, etc.

Online Marketing, Consulting & Management

What is the key to increasing direct sales? We start by increasing relevant site traffic.

There are several elements that are involved in improving your direct sales and optimizing profitability. Increasing traffic and using smart processes to stimulate conversions are two significant elements and we have to use every available tool to do so:

  • Search engines PPC & Campaign management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Meta Search Marketing
  • Affiliations program
  • Video advertisements
  • Outbrain content promotions

PMS Bi-Directional Interface

Implement direct connection to major PMSs (such as: MICROS Fidelio, OPERA, Optima, etc.)

With Octopus™, you can connect your hotel directly to the PMS in order to synchronize prices, availability, restrictions and bookings. Octopus™ gives you the advantage of always being updated and in full control at any given moment.

Octopus™ Sales Channels & Corporate Bookings

Enjoy one-stop-shopping for corporate & OTA channel management.

In order to be truly in charge of your success, you need a 360° solution suite. Octopus™ provides you with all the data and tools to take control of your bookings and provide your clients with smart, up-to-date sales channels.

Customer's Engagement Cycle

Take advantage of a variety of tools to help you increase your hotel’s reputation through Reputation Management & Retention and satisfaction reviews analysis.

Your Simplex Road to Results!

To ensure your hotel and hotel chains’ success, you need to get results. Simplex is here for you with 100% solutions, fully-fledged dedication, and rigorous standards for achieving success - not just numbers, but real solutions for your hotel’s eMarketing needs.

Through the application of our precision methods and professional experience, we simultaneously increase site revenue and achieve cost reduction. Digital is our tool of trade, results are our mission.

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